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Inhaber: Andreas Duffner, Austraße 51, 78467 Konstanz
Austraße 51, 78467 Konstanz, Telefon 07531 31614
Andreas Duffner
Austraße 51
78467 Konstanz

Phone-number +49 7531 31614
Fax-number +49 7531 929277
E-Mail info@reiseexpress-konstanz.de

Tax-number 1109005 10940 57 0241

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arranged. A guarantee or an adhesion of any kind for topicality, correctness, completeness,
function or quality of contents, just like the linked Internet sides of third offerers cannot
are taken over. Any adhesion for material or idealistic damage, in particular also for damages,
by the use of the information placed from us to the order to be caused, we reject.

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Olaf Salm, www.olafsalm.de

Business and transport conditions 
The reservation over the form for announcing forms also without the signature of the customer (orderer) a transport
contract. Basis of the contract are these business and transport conditions. The customer recognizes these without
reservation on. Capacity and transport price according to agreement. 

The orderer is obligated to examine the reservation confirmation immediately after receipt for correctness.
For the correctness. Alone the orderer is responsible to data. If deviations of the takeoff or return flight
data should occur, must itself
the orderer immediately with our office (Tel.: 07531 31614) in connection set.
The customers/travel agencies are committed to transfer postings which occur after entrance of the written
confirmation by Reiseexpress-Konstanz to communicate to, immediately in writing. With do not indicate expires
our obligation for transport. Transfer postings (changes of time) are to be treated as resignation with following
new reservationand require the written confirmation of the Reiseexpress Konstanz.

A requirement on transport exists in principle only at the agreed upon times. During collection at the homeland address of the
Orderer cannot wait the driver any more than ten minutes beyond the agreed upon fetching time, around the schedule keep
to be able. Of the transport of go-handicapped passengers for the fact is to be taken care on the part of the customer that
for inand stepping out these passengers beside our driver still another caring for auxiliary person is available. With alone traveler,
handicapped persons a reduced price of transportation can be agreed upon for the accompanying person to the airport (and back).

The arrival time at the airport depends on from the orderer or from the responsible travel agency indicated takeoff time.
Reiseexpress-Konstanz is endeavored to bring you in time before takeoff to the airport. The collection of the passengers
of tooHouse takes place therefore approx. 2 hours plus estimated travel time before the takeoff. For the consequences of
delays throughto unexpected density of traffic, back-up or higher force does not cling Reiseexpress-Konstanz. An adhesion
for the consequences of delays within more easily negligence is impossible. 

The complete price of transportation is fixed in the written reservation confirmation
and is with start of the travel into BAR to the driver Reiseexpress-Konstanz to be paid.

Fetching time at the airport is the regular arrival time + approx. 30 minutes for the luggage collection. During delays 90 minutes of waiting period, beyond the regular arrival time included, are in the price; longer waiting periods are charged for (15 € per begun hour).

The adherence to the flight plan of the respective airlines lies outside of our influence. A requirement on transport exists in principle only at the agreed upon times. In case of larger shifts or loss of the flight the requirement on return motion is void. Passengers, who do not appear themselves at the agreed upon meeting place, to which Meetingpoint arrival-resounds in, are proclaimed twice over the information centre of the airport. Also with Nichtinanspruchnahme of the back transfer a proportionate Rückerstattung of the paid price of transportation is impossible. With larger flight shifts or losses it is absolutely necessary to inform our office immediately (Tel.: 07531 31614). Travel express Konstanz is always endeavored to bring you back from the airport home. If the driver should have the possibility of waiting for the passengers at the airport we raise a expenses lump sum from 15,00 € per begun hour.  

Cancellation fees: Up to 8. Day before travel beginning 10%, starting from that 7. Day 25% starting from 24 hours before travel beginning 50% of the transfer price. If the ordered transfer is not noticed locally (residence/airport), the Reiseexpress-Konstanz requirement has on 100% of the agreed upon price of transportation. The customer remains reserving to prove to that travel express Konstanz that the damage actually developed is smaller.

For personal injuries Reiseexpress-Konstanz is responsible only in accordance with condition of the liability and
accident insurance locked for the covering of these risks. A condition is roughly negligent or deliberate damage
causing by Reiseexpress-Konstanz, or their driving personnel.
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Reiseexpress Konstanz,
Owner: Andreas Duffner, Austraße 51, 78467 Konstanz
Austraße 51, 78467 Konstanz, Telefon 07531 31614

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