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Inhaber: Andreas Duffner, Austraße 51, 78467 Konstanz
Austraße 51, 78467 Konstanz, Telefon 07531 31614
Enter before the housedoor or the meeting point, at the airport step out.
Now you can leave your car home. We fetch you from home and in a modern minibus, or in a comfortable higher class car, we drive you fast and surely to your goal.

From the Bodensee area we bring you to the following airports:
  • Stuttgart
  • Friedrichshafen
  • Zürich
  • München
  • Frankfurt
  • Basel
Further goals on request. Our competent and friendly Mrs. Duffner advises you
at the telephone. She will give informations over all prices and possible goals.
It is also possible
to use the form for contact of this website.

Back from the airport
At the airport we already wait for you (up to 90 minutes waiting period
is included in the price). Now looking forward to a pleasant transfer
from the airport directly to your home.
Here our modern vehicle fleet!

All vehicles are nonsmoker vehicles and equipped with an air conditioning system. Groups up to 16 persons can be carried.
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Your personal Chauffeur is already waiting for you!

REISEEXPRESS - your driving service at the Bodensee
Enjoy your business or vacation trip from the beginning! You don't need to search a parking lot, no driving stress, no luggage carrying and no repeated transferring.

Pure Comfort

Whether daily trips with your bowling friends or moving into the swiss alps, seminar meetings of your company
or the travel to the airport - we get you at home, drive you to your desired goal and later again we bring you directly in front of your housedoor or starting point.
Ask for price reductions for groups and children!
  • Altenrhein
  • Memmingen
  • ...
Reiseexpress Konstanz,
Owner: Andreas Duffner, Austraße 51, 78467 Konstanz
Austraße 51, 78467 Konstanz, Telefon 07531 31614

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